Docker 1.12.4 发布,应用容器引擎

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Docker 1.12.4 发布了,Docker 1.12 版本附带了更新 rpm 的 systemd 单元文件(包括 RHEL、Fedora、CentOS 和 Oracle Linux 7 ),当从旧版本的 docker 升级,升级过程可能不会自动安装更新版本的单元文件,或因为某些原因无法启动 docker 服务。




  • Fix issue where volume metadata was not removed

  • Asynchronously close streams to prevent holding container lock

  • Fix selinux labels for newly created container volumes

  • Remove hostname validation

  • Fix deadlocks caused by IO races

  • Return an empty stats if the container is restarting

  • Fix volume store locking

  • Ensure consistent status code in API

  • Fix incorrect opaque directory permission in overlay2

  • Detect plugin content and error out on docker pull 

Swarm Mode

  • Update Swarmkit

    • orchestrator/global: Fix deadlock on updates

    • on leader switchover preserve the vxlan id for existing networks

  • Refuse swarm spec not named "default" 


  • Update libnetwork

    • Fix panic in embedded DNS 

    • Fix unmarhalling panic when passing --link-local-ip on global scope network

    • Fix panic when network plugin returns nil StaticRoutes

    • Fix panic in osl.(*networkNamespace).DeleteNeighbor

    • Fix panic in swarm networking concurrent map read/write

    • Allow encrypted networks when running docker inside a container

    • Do not block autoallocation of IPv6 pool

    • Set timeout for netlink calls

    • Increase networking local store timeout to one minute

    • Fix a panic in libnetwork.(*sandbox).execFunc

    • Honor icc=false for internal networks


  • Update syslog log driver


  • Run "dnf upgrade" before installing in fedora

  • Add build-date back to RPM packages

  • Update selinux policy for distros based on RHEL7.3

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