Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type application/json

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今天发布一个项目的时候,遇到了一个奇怪的问题,一个后台管理系统的excel导出。在我的本地测试中,导出没有任何问题,但是发布到服务器之后,第一次导出没有问题,多次导出之后,浏览器直接白屏。从服务器后端找错误,被其他无关的错误所误导。最终,在浏览器的调试中发现了这样一句话:Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type applic。。。, 网上搜索了一下,找到了一条英文的答案,如下:


Dear Dimitar,

Thanks for the quick answer, I should defenitely check SO before posting here, sorry for that. The first link was sort of helpful but rather incomplete I’m afraid.

The good news is that there is a solution that worked for me: to change the server response MIME to text/htmlargs.event.response is then a string containing the JSON; I can parse it. However I’m fortunate enough to have control over the server process, that might not be a suitable solution in everey case.

Another proposed solution was to remove multipart/form-data, but this is not possible when uploading files.

Another one wat to add a query string to the URL, didn’t work for me (I was suspicious about this solution anyway).

Finally, apparently, the definite solution is to use $.post instead of ajaxSubmit. However I suspect this call is buried somewhere in jqxfileupload.js or jQuery-1.11.1.min.js.

Here’s the stack trace I get from Chromium, if it is of any value:

Resource interpreted as Document but transferred with MIME type application/json: “http://localhost:8080/…”.
a.extend._uploadFile @ jqxfileupload.js:7
(anonymous function) @ jqxfileupload.js:7
m.event.dispatch @ jquery-1.11.1.min.js:3
r.handle @ jquery-1.11.1.min.js:3

Thank you very much, jqxWidgets is fantastic,


1.把server response MIME改成 text/htmlargs.event.response。这种方法在处理json 的时候有效,但是可能不是一种好方法。


3.用json的$.post 方法替代ajaxSubmit




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