可扩展的持续集成引擎Jenkins v2.8 发布(jenkins.war)

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Jenkins 2.8 发布了。Jenkins 的前身是 Hudson 是一个可扩展的持续集成引擎。主要用于持续、自动地构建/测试软件项目,如CruiseControl与DamageControl。


  • Explicitly declare compatibility of Windows build agent service with .NET Framework 4. (PR #2386)
  • API: Introduce new listener extension point for slave creation/update/deletion. (Issue 33780)
  • Lossless optimization sizes of PNG images in Jenkins. (PR #2379)
  • Fix the repeatable item delete button layout in Safari. Addresses Build Steps and other such configuration items. (Issue 35178)
  • Installation Wizard: Do not offer creating new admin user if the security is preconfigured. (Issue 34881)
  • Prevent NullPointerException on startup after update from Jenkins 2.5. (Issue 35206)
  • Honor noProxy settings from "Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Advanced". (Issue 31915)
  • Add NTLM support to the proxy validation logic. (PR #1955)



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