java开源的持续集成自动地构建/测试软件项目Jenkins v2.30发布

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2016年11月07日Jenkins 2.30发布了。Jenkins 的前身是 Hudson 是一个可扩展的持续集成引擎。主要用于持续、自动地构建/测试软件项目,如CruiseControl与DamageControl。


What's new in 2.30 (2016/11/07)

  • Adjust incompatible Actionable initialization changes made for issue 39404). It caused massive regressions in plugins like Jenkins Pipeline. (issue 39555, regression in 2.29)
  • Integration of Stapler 1.246 caused regressions in plugins depending on Ruby Runtime Plugin. Upgraded to Stapler 1.248 with a fix. (issue 39414, regression in 2.28)
  • Custom remoting enable/disable settings were not properly persisted on the disk and then reloaded. If the option has been configured in Jenkins starting from 2.16, a reconfiguration may be required. (issue 39465)

What's new in 2.29 (2016/11/06)




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