java开源的持续集成自动地构建/测试软件项目Jenkins v2.31发布

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2016年11月13日Jenkins 2.31发布了。Jenkins 的前身是 Hudson 是一个可扩展的持续集成引擎。主要用于持续、自动地构建/测试软件项目,如CruiseControl与DamageControl。


What's new in 2.31 (2016/11/13)

  • Performance: Improve responsiveness of Jenkins web UI on mobile devices. (issue 39172, continuation of the patch in 2.28)
  • It was not possible to connect Jenkins agents via Java Web Start due to the issue in Remoting 3.0. Upgraded to Remoting 3.1 with a fix. (issue 39596, regression in 2.26)
  • Prevent NullPointerException when rendering CauseOfInterruption.UserInterruption in build summary pages for non-existent users. (issue 38721 and issue 37282, regression in 2.14)
  • Reduce logging level when the localization resource is missing ResourceBundleUtil#getBundle(). (issue 39604)
  • ExtensionList.removeAll was not unimplemented in Jenkins extension management API. It was causing issues during dynamic loading of GitHub and BitBucket branch source plugins on the same instance. (issue 39520)
  • Remoting 3.1: hudson.remoting.Engine (mostly Java Web Start) was failing to establish connection if one of the URLs in urls parameter was malformed. (issue 39617)
  • Remoting 3.1: Add method for dumping diagnostics across all the channels (e.g. in the Support Core Plugin). (issue 39150)
  • Remoting 3.1: Improve the caller/callee correlation diagnostics in thread dumps. (issue 39543)
  • Remoting 3.1: Add the org.jenkinsci.remoting.nio.NioChannelHub.disabled flag for disabling NIO, mostly for debugging purposes. (issue 39290)
  • Remoting 3.1: Add extra logging to help diagnosing IOHub concurrent thread number spikes. (issue 38692)
  • Remoting 3.1: When a proxy fails, report what caused the channel to go down. (issue 39289)
  • Improved Polish translation. (pull 2631)

What's new in 2.30 (201



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