java开源的持续集成自动地构建/测试软件项目Jenkins v2.47发布

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2017年02月19日Jenkins 2.47发布了。Jenkins 的前身是 Hudson 是一个可扩展的持续集成引擎。主要用于持续、自动地构建/测试软件项目,如CruiseControl与DamageControl。


What's new in 2.47 (2017-02-19)

  • Update Groovy to 2.4.8 to address memory leak issue. Do not use this version if you are running Pipeline builds unless you also update Pipeline: Groovy to 2.28 or higher. (issue 33358issue 42189)
  • Windows service restart did not retain build queue. (issue 32820)
  • Exceptions during Jenkins cleanup step should not block restart. (issue 42164)
  • Upgrade remoting to version 3.5. (full changelog)
  • Remoting 3.5: Remoting clients now accept lowercase (HTTP 2) headers sent by reverse proxies. (issue 40710)
  • Remoting 3.5: Add option to specify the remoting protocol to use on the client. (issue 41730)
  • Remoting 3.5: Stability improvements. (issue 41513issue 41852)
  • Developer: Snapshot builds of plugins that had dependencies on other snapshot builds were not having their version numbers compared correctly. (issue 41899)




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