时隔 7 个月,Bootstrap 4 首个 Beta 版终于发布

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距离上次发布 4.0 的最后一个 alpha 版已经过去了 7 个月。今天,Bootstrap 4 的首个 Beta 版终于发布了。

该版本取消将 Normalize.css 作为依赖关系,而是 fork 其中的一部分并和 Bootstrap 自家的 Reboot 混合,以获得更稳定的标准化方法。还对导航、网格进行了改进以及对 Flexbox 进行一些兼容性的处理。

此外,该版本将 jQuery 和 Popper 移动到了 peerDependencies ,因为它们不是 Bootstrap 每个部分所要求的。往下阅读更多的更新内容。


  • Dropped Normalize.css as a dependency, forking some of it and remixing it with our own Reboot for a more stable normalization approach.

  • Update navbar responsive behaviors to be mobile first, use a new class name .navbar-expandinstead of .navbar-toggleable, remove toggler position modifiers (relies on flex utils now), and fix a handful of bugs.

  • Stabilize some grid behaviors and update the docs.

  • Updated the grid to drop push, pull, and offset in favor of new .order- modifiers and margin utilities.

  • Renamed tons of variables (see #22414 and #22092) for a more consistent naming scheme.

  • Removed remaining cursor: pointers to restore browser defaults and better indicate actions vs hyperlinks.

  • Renamed flexbox order utilities to better match utility naming scheme of .property-value.

  • Restored Alpha 5's placement of _custom.scss in our import order.

  • Rewrote display and responsive utilities to de-dupe a bunch of functionality.

  • Removed Gruntfile and docs from package manager builds.

  • Overhauled our color system with new Sass maps, variables, classes, and component variants.

  • Updated browser support to bring ranges up to more recent versions.

  • Added a bash script for linting unused variables.

  • Moved jQuery and Popper to peerDependencies as they're not requirements for every part of Bootstrap.




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